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Engineering analysis , design optimization from World Engineering Services Private Limited

We associate with teams of FEA Engineers with the objective:
" To transform technical know-how into reliable engineering solutions."
The teams focus on achieving this with the existing resources and an organizational commitment of investment in the latest CAE tools and technology in line with the business demand. Analysis is done to simulate the existing designs and to arrive at optimal systems.

Structural analysis
Thermal analysis
Electromagnetic analysis
Coupled-field applications
Explicit Impact/Crash analysis
NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness)
Pipe stress analysis
Synthesis of mechanisms (for engineering and automotive industry)


Finite Element Analysis

Static and dynamic stress analysis of components, subsystems and systems under various service loads

Non-linear FEM solutions for problems involving large deformations, elasto-plastic behavior, non-linear material

behavior and structural contacts

Vibration analysis including modal, harmonic, response spectrum and transient analysis

Explicit Transient Non linear analysis for impact problems like 'drop tests', 'Automotive crashworthiness

Simulation' and 'metal forming simulations'

Fatigue life evaluation of components using analytical techniques

Heat transfer analysis of both steady state and transient systems

Low frequency electromagnetic analysis

Coupled field analysis that mainly includes structural-thermal, electromagnetic-structural - thermal interactions

Design optimizations to maximize performance  and minimize product cost. Optimizations can be carried out for

any quantifiable parameter across a wide spectrum of disciplines (Multi Discipline Optimization -MDO)

Quality meshing services including brick meshing, tetra meshing and shell meshing of automotive and general

engineering components and assemblies

BIW meshing and complete full vehicle FE model preparation

Multi-Body Dynamics

Kinematics analysis and synthesis of mechanisms
Quasi-static load predictions (useful for FEA boundary conditions)
Rigid mode analysis
Optimization of mechanisms
Packaging studies

Noise Vibration and harshness:

Source identification
Modal dynamic response techniques
Ride comfort evaluation and optimization
Mount optimization
Sensitivity analysis
Muffler design
Interior noise prediction

Piping analysis
Flow / hydraulic studies

Stress analysis covering thermal, flexibility and dynamic analysis

Applicable CAE tools:

Hypermesh        Nastran        LS-Dyna      ADAMS    ANSYS     IDEAS - Simulation     K-PIPE      CAESAR-II

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