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World Engineering Services Private Limited for cad drawings, drafting and modeling services

Under our CAD activities, we serve as your drafting office with experienced operators capable of satisfying your needs across various engineering disciplines like civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation. Backed by our engineering design capabilities, you can also derive benefit through our engineering inputs.


WES is in a position to undertake following CAD related services


Fabrication and manufacturing drawings including isometrics

We use your design sketches / drawings to prepare detail shop drawings. Parts and assemblies can be fully detailed and toleranced for fits, surface finishand and functionality. We can use your detailing preferences to match existing company standards and can generate fabrication drawings with reference to the fabrication process. The Bill of Material (BOM) is derived from the CAD assembly, and can be generated in customer-defined format.


3-D solid modeling                                                                                                                VIEW SAMPLES

We provide detail renderings, basic wire frame images and cad files. Models can be created or modified, from files/drawings as may be available with you. Our 3D modeling services are focused on the engineering, architectural and construction industries.

We develop your ideas into precise 3D models for analysis, conceptual design, and manufacturing. These CAD files can also be sent to machine shops for tool path generation or stereo lithography. The use of solids modeling technology is essential when a 3D CAD design is used in Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), or Finite Element Analysis (FEA) applications.

Rendering is a natural extension of the 3D solid modeling process. It allows for presentation-quality images to be generated, often with photo-realistic backgrounds.

We offer solid modeling services on several platforms including SolidWorks, Pro-Engineer and AutoCAD. In addition,our engineers also have experience on other platforms like CATIA, SolidEdge and Mechanical Desktop.


Plant  walkthroughs

Such studies are extremely popular with architects and industrial plant designers and provide geometric validation of a design that imparts complete confidence and understanding of the layout, space for maintenance, equipment clearances etc.


Migration of engineering data to current CAD platform

For your data that is currently not on CAD, we can create CAD files using your information on paper copies, sketches, catalogs, etc.


Library creation

Create CAD files for various components and accessories that you often use in your engineering documents. These can be your own manufactured ones or bought-ins from your vendors.


Electrical/instrumentation cabling layout and details

On the basis of your plant and equipment layout, we can either suggest optimum cable layout or, as is the general practice, adopt your layout and prepare details of cable laying, cable schedule, bill of materials for the cables and cabling accessories and termination diagrams.


Technical illustrations

Very often, for explanation purpose, engineering companyís need to incorporate technical diagrams and illustrations in their presentations, O&M manuals, spare part catalogs, etc.  With experienced CAD operators and technical staff, we can prepare such illustrations with clarity and detail in accordance with the purpose. Apart from presenting the technical features of your product these also leave a lasting impression in the userís mind.


Photo rendering of components

Turn your components into realistic looking photos for presentation or sharing in popular image formats including JPG, GIF, and BMP.


Raster to vector conversion

Special conversion techniques are employed in order to produce a state-of-the-art vector output, thus avoiding flaws produced by conversion software. Normally, like most CAD/GIS conversion companies, we use automated software to edit and clean the scanned output. But we can also go one step further and trace overlay files to vectorize the hard copy to cover even the minutest detail. The vectorized drawings/maps are manually checked grid by grid to ensure a near perfect duplication.


Format conversion

Since there are quite a few types of CAD systems in use worldwide, there is a need to convert file formats to facilitate sharing. W.E.S. undertakes translations between common formats and helps you save on purchase of expensive conversion software.


Reverse engineering

We break down a product into its components and prepare CAD drawings for each and every component, subassembly drawings, assembly drawings, instructions etc. Tolerances, interferences, clearances etc. can be checked during this process and changes as required made.


Wire frame images for analysis

In order to carry out finite element analysis it is first necessary to generate such images, which are then, subject to analysis using software. Using our expertise and resources, we generate such images for you.


Exploded view illustrations

Such views are required for service manuals, spare part identification, re-ordering information etc. Our CAD operators have experience in preparing clear and correct views on the basis of your paper drawings, data or CAD drawings available with you.


Transferring hard copy drawings to digital formats

Conversion of drawings available in paper into vector drawings through process of scanning and conversion of the images into electronic drawings. Most organizations have extensive paper-based archives that would be more convenient for storage and use in an electronic format.


Parametric drafting/standardization

On the basis of your available drawings, we can draft similar objects with different dimensions using logical extension principle. Thus we can generate a full CAD module of standardized products.


Piping drawings

Layouts and isometrics development of pipe route, preparation of piping construction drawings, material take-offs for various components etc. are all done using AutoCAD.


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