Detail engineering & design (Civil).
  Structural steel detailing, fabrication drawings.
Detail engineering & design (Mechanical) product development.
Timber Truss Engineering
Bulk Materials Handling Systems

 Mechanical engineering detail

Design and detail engineering services for a variety of mechanical equipment and components.



Concept development

Machine design

Assembly, sub-assembly and part design with custom drafting, GD&T, Bill of Materials and documentation

Reverse engineering and re-design of existing machines

Speciality cams and linkages

Design verification and validation

Special purpose machines and transfer lines

Home hardware and appliances

Furniture frame development

Sub-assemblies and components for marine pleasure yachts



Gearbox design

We can design spur and helical gears, straight, Zerol, and spiral bevel gearing, worm reducers and Epicyclic gearing. Our scope includes:
Getting the best AGMA rating within boundary constraints

Shaft analysis

Bearing selection and life calculations

Thermal rating for the unit

General Arrangement drawing

3D models in SolidWorks or Pro/Engineer with all components included

Assembly layout, component details and BOM for manufacture


Detail engineering of Bulk Materials Handling Systems

 Belt Conveyors (Flat / Trough)
 Screw Conveyors (Full Flight/ Ribbon)
 Bucket Elevators (Centrifugal / Continuous / Positive Discharge)                      
 Chain Conveyors (Drag Chain/ Flight / Scraper)                                                   
 Apron Conveyors
 Deep Pan Conveyors                                                                          
 Pipe Conveyors                                                                                                              Bulk Materials Handling Systems
 Roller Conveyors (Powerised /Gravity)
 Slat Conveyors


We generate:

Flow chart

P & I diagrams

Plant layout based on your inputs

Equipment sizing and brief specifications

Selection of standard components and sub-assemblies from approved vendors

Shop drawings for sub-assemblies and components

Detail fabrication drawings for structures, equipment supports, chutes and hoppers, bins and bunkers

Bill of Materials


Product development and 2D to 3D conversions

3D parametric models are direct inputs to CNC Machining Centers and rapid prototyping, offering unmatched visualization for client presentations and a tool for error free manufacturing and assembly using software like We use SolidWorks, Pro/E and AutoCad software. Apart from these, our engineers also have experience on other platforms like Mechanical Desktop, Unigraphics, I-DEAS, Solid Edge and CATIA which helps in understanding client needs on different software platforms. We can also provide 2D to 3D conversions from your sketches, blueprints, or drawings.

Considering the large variety of mechanical systems and equipment, we take inputs from you about basic design features of your product and its preliminary design. We can complete the design process; prepare sub-assembly, and assembly drawings and thereafter all components are detailed out. Manufacturing drawings and instructions are clearly laid down, assembly and test instructions provided and finally documentation covering spare parts details, operation and maintenance manuals prepared. You can utilize our services to the extent best suited considering your own internal engineering resources.

Prototype development in India can also be undertaken utilizing the vast network of workshops and product developers we can associate with.


Design standards:

Design details and drawings are produced to a standard. This can be a choice of our own company standard or international ones.



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