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     Electrical Engineering

Our experienced electrical engineering group excels in designing systems for:

Facility power systems, switchgear and lighting.

Electrical power, transmission and distribution lines.

Substations Motor control centers.

Uninterruptible power systems (UPS)            

Industrial Process Control Lighting and illumination system

Earthing and lightning protection systems

Fire alarm system

Power and control cable design and layout

Communication system


We work on the basis of equipment load list and your specifications to generate single line diagrams, specifications for electrical switchgear and equipment like transformers, motor control centers (MCC), transformers, breakers, starters etc.

We can undertake detail design of the MCC and prepare component specifications and wiring diagrams; design the power and control cables; prepare the cable layout as per your equipment and plant layout, cable tray and supporting structure layout and details. We can take over detailing of your designs or undertake design as per your basic data right from the incomer till the final equipment.

Considering the plot plan and floor layout, on the basis of your specifications, our engineers can design the illumination system. If your system design is available, we can undertake detailing thereof which includes preparing the cable layout and cable schedule, material take-off and wiring diagrams.

Similarly, we can make earthing system layout, detail out the components, and provide drawings for laying out the earthing strips, earthing pits, interconnection diagrams, lightning protection system.

Most projects involve in-plant communication systems, public address systems and based on your specifications; we can undertake detailing of these including execution drawings for site work.

Our engineers have considerable experience with basic and detail engineering of control schemes for modern industrial plants and on the basis of your equipment layout and process interlock requirement, detail out the control systems including various local and remote sensing devices, feedback instrumentation and the control panel including wiring diagrams and field cable layout.

    Instrumentation Engineering

Our instrumentation group has extensive industrial experience in design and site commissioning activities covering a wide range of control instruments and systems and has worked to stringent technical specifications of project consultants. We can undertake the following:


PLC systems:

System engineering

Engineering and procurement specifications

System programming and configuration

Logic development

Control panel

Configuration of displays

History data base, logging and management information reports

HMI and SCADA workstations configuration, programming and integration


Data communications networks:

Field wire tracing, device tag identification, system reverse engineering

Plant documentation (P&ID, I/O wiring, electrical schematics, etc.)


Control panel

Level indicators for hoppers/bunkers

Weigh scales

Control system hardware component specification.

Systems reverse engineering.

Process logic description.



We undertake study and preparation of various drawings and documents related to the control system. Manuals are written assuming that the user has no expertise with the equipment and include:


Software section:                                  Hardware section                                                   As built

Operation philosophy                                          System description                                                   Approved drawings

Configuration guide                                            Brief description of major components                           Vendor drawings

Error conditions/User response                            Wiring diagrams, PCB layouts

Programming manual                                         Circuit diagrams

System start-up                                                 Test and inspection data

Recovery procedure in event of failure                 Available warranty certificates

Trouble shooting guide

Graphics generation guide.


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