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 Photogrammetry Mapping GIS

We offer state-of the-art and highly reliable Photogrammetry Mapping  services for worldwide clients.

Our group is headed by an expert who has more than a decade of experience working with leading multinational companies and is well known in this field. He has worked on major international projects including World Bank, major oil and gas companies and utility companies operating globally.

We strive to remain at the cutting-edge of Geospatial technologies: ensuring quality delivery on schedule, on various GIS software platform required by the customer. We can offer services on platforms like ESRI, Micro Station, AutoCAD, CARIS, Star, Oracle and Intergraph  and application areas that cover digital photogrammetry mapping services and for utilities like telecom, gas, electricity, water, storm water, sewerage etc.

Digital Photogrammetry Mapping
Our key strength is to understand customer needs from Aerial Triangulation (AT) to Ortho Photogeneration.
You can ask for services like AT, DTM/DEM, generation/editing, 3D feature capture, 3D city modeling, Orthophoto Generation, TRUE ORTHO's with complete mosaicing, Ortho's, colour balancing (Radiometry) and Tiling as per your needs and specifications.

Our Photogrammetery experts have managed complex projects requiring creation of data from Digital Cameras to Conventional Cameras with different scales, vintages and quality.

Automated Mapping/ Facilities Mapping (AM/FM), Data Format Translation:

We have experts from Utilities background who have in depth know-how about CAD and GIS Data Conversion services for Facilities. Markets served include Telephone (Inside Plant/Outside Plant), Electric (Generation/Distribution), Natural Gas (Piped Gas Distribution), Water, Wastewater, Cable TV and Fiber. Supported CAD and GIS platforms include Arc Info, Arc View, Arc FM, ArcSDE, AutoCAD, Intergraph FRAMME, Intergraph Geomedia Technology, Bentley Micro Station, Oracle, and Vision.

Cadastral / Parcel Mapping:

One of the important components of a Geographic Information System is an accurate map delineating land parcel ownership. Many entities have strict requirements for this mapping, as an accurate cadastral map is commonly a primary tool in the assessment of land value for tax purpose.

Our technical pool has used digital conversion of new tax parcel/orthophoto manuscripts into a topologically structured GIS format and has the knowledge and experience to assemble cadastral maps to comply with local/national standards specified by the client, utilizing a variety of coordinate systems, survey systems, and property information records.

GIS Database Design And Development:

Our associates have more than a decade of experience in creating and formatting various GIS databases. With conversion experience in most commercial GIS software packages and in-house knowledge utilized for such large projects, we are a good choice for GIS database design and translation services. 

Application Development/Software Customization:

We can develop customized GIS applications to streamline everyday workflow. We have  programmers/analysts who can work with customers to determine their systemís specifications, customized application requirements, and the type of user interface design that will best suit the customer. They can use a variety of tools, such as Visual Basic, C++, AML, and Avenue, to ensure development of an optimal software solution.

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