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Data Transfer

How does WES service work?

After confirmation of an order, we send you details of scope of work as offered by us for your review and confirmation. We follow your standards and send you an update on the progress of the work. You can review and comment on the portion of the work completed. We do the final correction as per your comments and then re-check before submitting the completed data. All submissions of information can be transmitted either way through FTP / e-mail /fax or courier.

How do we transfer data to you?

You may either fax, courier, or email us the data or use our FTP to directly transfer files to our server.

What kind of 3D outputs are available?

WES can provide 3D models in Pro/ENGINEER, CATIA, Unigraphics, Solid-Edge, SolidWorks, and Inventor.

What conversion options are available?

WES can provide models and drawings in CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks, and Unigraphics. We can also translate files from and to IGES, DXF, STEP, and STL.

Is there a limit to the number or size of files I can submit?

You can submit any number of files; however, each file must be less than 10 MB. Larger files often cause web browsers to "time out" and/or lose connection to the server before the file is completely transferred. If your files are larger than 10 MB, please split them into smaller files. Data can also be transferred using CD, tape, or paper drawings.


In what DPI should the paper original be scanned?

 The paper if scanned at 150 DPI, is able to display almost the entire information visible on the sheet.

Can I mail the paper originals?

Yes, you can mail or courier your paper originals/copies to our Mumbai office address in India. Ordinary mail from US takes about 10 -15 days to reach us in India, while the courier takes about 3 working days.



Security and Privacy

What is your security architecture?

The security of our clients' data is of paramount importance to WES. Please see our confidentiality page.

Will WES use my data for other purposes?

No. WES understands the privacy and security required to protect our clients' strategic information and processes. WES will never sell, share, or distribute any client information or data without the prior written consent of the client except to the extent required for execution of the project.

What is your privacy policy?

WES will not sell, distribute, or share any customer data or information to any third party without prior written permission from the client except to the extent required for execution of the project.



Job Execution

What is the delivery time on a typical project?

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a typical project. Projects at WES range from a few simple components to complex assemblies that involve several hundreds or thousands of components. Due to our large staff of experienced engineers and technicians, we are able to meet even the most demanding deadlines.

What project tracking options are available?

Each project is assigned a project manager who  manages the project and the client relationship. Project managers are available daily during normal business hours to provide status updates by phone or e-mail. We are in the process of setting up an on-line chat facility.

How can I track the status of my data?

Based on your project size and with prior agreement, WES can send weekly status reports that identify the status of execution. We are currently developing a method for tracking your project status online.

Do you follow your own CAD standards or those which we prescribe?

We set up CAD standards as furnished by the client. However in absence of prescribed standards we use widely accepted default standards.


On what codes are your designs based?

Our teams are  conversant with American, British, Australian, Canadian, Euro & Indian codes. In addition we are also familiar with additional code requirements in US relating to AISC, OSHA, FEMA, etc.

How can I make sure we do not lose the look and feel of our drawings and documents?

We ask for as much detail as possible when you submit so we can make sure that everything we do fits within your parameters and looks exactly as you would like it to be. We assign your work to the same CAD operator who becomes familiar with your firm.




What is your price basis?

WES  normally provides a  fixed-price bid. In certain cases, hourly rates for revisions are offered.


What are your payment terms and billing cycles?

We usually provide 30 days credit facility for payment. WES invoices the client upon delivery of work as per agreed price break-downs.

How do you guarantee your work?

If you are not satisfied with the work as delivered, WES will rectify its mistakes at no extra charges but no backcharges are acceptable.

How can payment be made?

Payment can be made in $ or Euro via check mailed directly to India, or by wire transfer to our bank.

Are these services permissible / taxable under law?

These NET enabled IT services are covered under WTO agreement signed by more than 110 countries around the Globe. These services are freely importable and free from customs duties or local taxes.

How can we tell that we are not going to be charged 100 hours for something we feel should only require 40 hours?
To overcome such a situation, WES normally offers a lump sum price  after you have provided us with complete details and scope of work. This way you are assured of a fixed price and do not have to pay for any additional hours we may incur at our end. In case of changes / revisions in the drawings arising out of any design or other changes at your end, we can  offer  either a fixed extra charge or  mutually agree to  number of man hours chargeable. Due to  limited occurrence  of such instances, the revision charges or hours are easily sorted out.




How do you ensure accuracy on converted models?

WES has a strong quality assurance/ inspection process to ensure the accuracy and quality of all specifications, drawings, models, and other outputs.

What is your QC procedure?

Many of our processes are proprietary to WES. Our quality procedures are specially designed for the variety of works we undertake. Our ability to deliver quality products and confidence to guarantee what we deliver makes good outsourcing sense.

Are you ISO 9000 certified?

In process.



What if I forget my ftp login password?

Contact our company administrator. We will provide you with a new password after suitable verification.

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