Detail engineering & design (Civil).
  Structural steel detailing, fabrication drawings.
Detail engineering & design (Mechanical) product development.
Timber Truss Engineering
Bulk Materials Handling Systems



All confidential information (data, specifications, manuals, financial information and any similar information disclosed or submitted to WES by a client) will remain secure with WES. However, it is expressly understood and agreed that WES is free to use such information for display on its website, presentations, mails or such documents (electronic/printed) in support of its marketing and client awareness activities provided that such confidential information and client identity is made either unreadable or unusable, unless there is a prior agreement between client and WES prohibiting such a use.


Our engineers have networking connections that have been checked for proper fire-wall protection. Hardware network access at working station is monitored and a control system  ensures that information is not removed by personnel either through data copied in CD or  pen drives.


All hardcopy information (data, drawings, specifications, client remarks) is available to the authorised personnel under strict supervision and is secured at all other times. At the completion of the project, if the cilent so desires, all such information can either be returned or destroyed by us on his behalf under intimation.

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Samples drawing for engineering services.
CAD drafting services.
GIS outsourcing maps, digitization and database design.
Finite element analysis FEM FEA.
Electrical detail engineering & design.