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World Engineering Services outsourcing India

WES is a customer centric organization. Understanding your needs, managing communication channels and delivering over and beyond your expectations. We believe that a customer’s referral is the most effective means of advertising and marketing our company.

Small sized firms can re-focus their energy to take on more clients. Mid-size firms can re-allocate resources to projects that will generate more billable hours. Large firms can improve margins and efficiencies on projects of all sizes.

Choose WES for:

Strong Management Team

The company is managed by a professional team who have extensive previous experience in the engineering industry in India. Over the last nearly twenty-five years, they have built several industrial plants for a wide range of industries and worked closely with clients and engineering consultants, including internationally reputed concerns. They bring this background to WES placing it in a strong position to meeting or exceeding client expectations. Having built up this experience in India helps—we know the strength and capabilities of Indian engineers and engineering companies and what it takes to get the desired output in the best possible manner.


Multiple Services

At WES, you can entrust us with basic or detail design, calculations or analysis, in disciplines from civil through structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation. The wide range of services we offer means you can trust us  without having to look around for multiple vendors. With our strong engineering background, we can even try to fit in even other specialized engineering functions , should you require, by internally associating with an expert.


Execution of work

>We realize how critical timely delivery of work outsourced to us is. Upon receipt of a contract WES assigns a project manager who is then responsible from initial quotation to final acceptance of payment. This ensures that you deal with one person exclusively for your work and he will be always available to answer all your queries.


Superior Technology

Our associates and we constantly upgrade hardware, software, and networking capabilities to ensure that they are abreast with the latest emerging technologies and are in a position to service our engineering requirements on the best available infrastructure and engineering software platforms.


Highest Quality Levels

Our management was earlier working with an ISO- 9001 certified engineering company and have full exposure and familiarity with quality standards. WES is also planning to obtain an ISO-9002 certification covering our services. Our quality policy is simple and transparent and our objectives measurable.


Customer Service

At WES, we listen to you. We pay utmost attention to the information and feedback provided by you, making sure that we also ask for minute details so that we can execute your work and get it right the first time, thus protecting you from project delays and unexpected costs.


Excellent Networking

The in-depth experience of our associates in a wide range of engineering services means the most advantageous solution for our clients, both in terms of cost and logistics.

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