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Quality Control is the most crucial part of our work and we have developed rigorous internal Quality Procedures to implement our quality policy.

All inputs required are first scrutinized and assessed by our in-house engineers. In case of any discrepancies/ questions, we seek clarification so as to avoid unnecessary delay and rework.

All data supplied by the client is crossed-checked for completion. The drawings and documents are studied and allotted to an appropriate Lead Engineer depending on whether the work involves CAD/GIS/detail drafting or design/engineering/analysis or documentation

For CAD, Detail drafting, and GIS
The Lead Engineer distributes the work to the concerned group and finalizes the workflow and schedule. Periodic reviews are conducted involving the top management to monitor the progress as also quality of the work. Upon completion of the drawings, minimum two-tier checking system (a three-tier system in case of exceptional circumstances) is implemented whereby:

All drawings and documents generated are plotted and scrutinized for dimensional and drafting accuracies by the detailer. Corrections necessitated due to above are incorporated by the same detailer group which generated them. A compliance check with respect to client specifications is done which not only covers the technical requirements but also aspects such as title blocks, format etc.


Final plots are taken and final check done by a  checker. In case any further errors or changes are required, these are again carried out by the group and a final compliance review done on the screen. A spell check is also conducted.

The drawing is then given final clearance and checked out of the master list.

For Design/Engineering/Analysis
The Lead Engineer distributes the work to the engineering group handling the relevant discipline (such as civil, structural, mechanical, electrical or instrumentation). In many cases, more than one discipline is involved so the work is sub-divided and sequentially carried out by the engineering group maintaining interdependence and co-ordination through the Lead Engineer. Periodic reviews are conducted involving the top management. In order to get the most optimum results, various engineering options within the parameters laid down by client are explored.

Results are checked by the Chief Engineer of the engineering group, which carried out the assignment. Additionally, standard as well as customized software is utilized to check the output. Any conflicts in parameters are settled in consultation with the client.

For Timber Engineering



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